Thursday, April 30, 2009


Monumental meeting of ALL Haudenosaunee men has been set forth for this Sat May 2, 2009 at 11a.

Location is Tonawanda Fire Hall, plan for an eventful day.

Those dedicated to the preservation of history, culture and the future of Haudenosaunee peoples plight should most certainly make time for such a renowned historic event.


Friday, April 3, 2009


APRIL 5th, 2009
Tonawanda Firehall
@ 1pm-3pm.
*Food and Drinks will be served

This meeting is about progression and change if you CAN NOT conduct yourself in a positive manner you will be asked to leave.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Year of the Boomerang

I find it exceedingly entertaining that some of these individuals try to enlighten us about some counterfeit diplomatic traditional process of how to remove these limp pathetic individuals whom have no regards to their fellow brethren from positions of accountability and responsibility. I don't buy into this one bit and more so I see it for what it really is. Total Bullshit. You see comrades they are predisposed well before hand to rest assure you that any real true thought of their own has been completely annihilated from their "Good Mind" by the mother ship Max Parker. These primary spheres of influence have been fear stricken on a multitude of levels that spread out like a fiery cancer infecting others with WILLFUL IGNORANCE, SUPPRESSION OF INFORMATION, LIES, GREED, HYPOCRISY,TREACHERY and most of all one of the purest crudest forms of evil. This lack luster faction is in the middle of the pond stuck with no wind for their sails of greed to carry them anyplace but down. We are not fooled by this one bit. We easily see the last few hands your playing of which pacification is yet another element in your ineffective tool box. The hour is getting late and places for you to hide are running short. The answer to this equation lays before us. Do you see it?
Everything this corrupt faction talks about is furthest from the truth and more so further from that is what they pretend to stand for. That being a sick distorted cult like warped Great Law construed from misinformation and ignorance. Its immeasurably impossible to quantify on the level of stupidity these individuals operate on but here is an example for giggles. Janine and Stu have ZERO qualifications to be in those positions of title however standing up in the Longhouse at the Hawk meeting giving an approval rating for Darwin is quite obvious to the rest of us that the standards must be relatively LOW. We will not rest until these atrocities are fully amended.
Next date of community meeting is in the works as I will post the info here.