Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Corrupt Tribal Regime Plot Thickens

You know, I don't know much about Crack/Cocaine. I do know people get addicted to it, spend their paychecks on it and do insane unmentionable things for it. Hell I know some people while on illegal substances think they are rather creative to some extent. However Tonawanda Community I can't help but go over this document repeatedly and wonder?
How much Crack-Cocaine did the person/persons do when the Corrupt Tribal Regime(CTR) feebly attempted a proposal for the businesses within the parameter's of Tonawanda Territory?
I am talking about the stipulations set forth from this Corrupt Tribal Regime in order to do business with the "Nation" as a wholesaler. I mean really people I expected more from my pet turtle. For starters a handwritten proposal nonetheless of which was admirably comical at best.
All this from what?
That's right! A nation whose primary principles are founded on Willful ignorance, intimidation, suppression of information or in some areas lack thereof compiled with the dutiful diligence of remedial 3rd grade grammatical discourse. Whoever drew up that proposal couldn't even spell check? Leaving such words as "Liscense" and "Jeopadize" untouched only to accelerate my understanding in you that yeah.. You really are uncultured and conceited as you look. Furthermore its yet another affirmation that a meaningful dialogue with your faction is about intelligent as a bowl of waxed fruit. The apex of this comic relief is shared both by the fact that reads verbatim "The owner agrees to abide by all applicable Tonawanda Seneca Nation Laws" and a Licensing agreement for an effective period of one year, from there what happens? My guess a systematical denial of not renewing any shops until yes you have it, only Jan's is the remaining business...just like Onondaga? Not a Chance. I will keep this common and ordinary comrades.
What the hell does that mean??? "Abide by All Applicable Tonawanda Seneca Laws"?
What a Joke and most of all Weak.
These businesses I am sure would have no problem giving to traditional tribal government which Honestly and Accurately represented the people. However long as the dictator remains in a position to manipulate and undermine authority on all levels that will never happen. Do you understand that?

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