Saturday, February 21, 2009

Down with Darwin!

People of Tonawanda I think its quite apparent the actions of the so called Chief Councils or should I just say "Jans"? We all know where the Chiefs primary interest lay, more so ultimately whom the system works for. I mean seriously how much more of this hypocritical,nepotistic, dictatorship government can you take? I myself have passed my threshold and no longer remain on the sidelines to watch the rest of you get victimized by these ignorant and arrogant swine. A new era approaches us all people of Tonawanda, days of the so called "Chiefs Council" infected with secret meetings, unaccounted for actions, greed, violations of basic human rights, most certainly have come to a end. A Men's council, a Warriors Society what have you not has begun, from which our inherent birth right "to a fire" will carry a voice and a language of which you will most certainly understand. Those of you afraid to speak, we shall be your voice. Those of you who can not stand, we will be your brace. "Its better to live ONE DAY AS A LION than a thousand years as a lamb". Join me brothers and sisters, stand up for once and let's come together in the common consensus we talk about! Let's make a real change to this government once and for all. Down with Darwin.

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