Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jan's+Darwin/2 X Max= WTF

You know regardless of how one may attempt to interpret the above mathematical equation, its does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the lines of separation or elements involving the above said group are all harmonically intertwined. This group of swine all dependant upon each other on various levels of corruption and treachery have furthered themselves into yet another level of thievery. So now the nation has inquired on the potential delivery of containers to become a distribution center to Jan's? Oops what I mean is to all merchants on the reservation and more so to benefit us as a whole right?
To update those who do not know "The Nation" has purchased a container of Seneca cigarettes which has been verbally confirmed by your Chief Roger "Grunch or Crunch Grunch" Hill as the acting agent on behalf of the people of Tonawanda. Now one question I ask: Cigarette's and smoke shop business set aside, is that I know some of you have asked for assistance on a multitude of levels for monetary relief from the Chiefs Council whom have denied you but yet can turnaround and purchase a container of cigarette's for Jan's (Oops the Nation) in the amount of $462,000! Now that amount may not be verbatim people, but its relatively close. Does that sound like a Chiefs Council just making ends meet? A Chiefs Council who's financial viability is just squeezing by? A Chiefs Council with no money... Doubtful is how I perceive it! Furthermore its just another level of confirmation that Darwin and "The Rug Rollers" can leave on a whim for another escapade to a bubble bath in Switzerland on "Business".
People. Darwin, Max and Co. are the kings/queens of nothing, the authorities of their own by product and its piling up people, piling high! Time to flush them and be done with this nasty mess.


No Country For Old Men said...

Totally Agree! Sat in on the meeting the other night. DARWIN NEEDS TO GO!! SO DOES MAX !!
Enough is Enough. We need to get together and stand up from these opressors!!!

Shelley D said...
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